Post-coronavirus guidance: Pub, Restaurant & Cafe

Many Pub, Restaurant & Cafe businesses have now been permitted to reopen their premises fully for a few months not since the lockdown exit strategy. In many cases, business owners and staff have returned to work and their premises for the first time in weeks since the Covid-19 partial or full shutdown came into force in 2019, the adjustment to a new normal has been challenging.

Reopening the business for trading and activating building services, plant and machinery needs to be planned, to resume activities in a controlled and safe manner, whilst protecting both staff and customers and observing social distancing guidelines.

There is considerable diversity within the Leisure sector, with businesses and outlets ranging widely in terms of their complexity, size, layout, customer footfall, staffing and training needs. Each business has has needed to undertake their own individual risk assessment to establish their specific needs to suit their own circumstances.

The guidance provided in this document covers some of the main areas just to consider and review.



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