Flooding – which can cause significant damage what you can do to protect your business and take advance measures

Flooding – which can cause significant damage what you can do to protect your business and take advance measures

Did you know that there is around 300,000 commercial properties that are at risk of a flood ? could you be one of them? The essential here is to prepare in advance, this is often the key to minimising damage.

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Contact your Insurance Brokers or brokers. We’ll let your insurer know asap, so you can get back up and running as quickly as possible. Don’t dispose of anything without discussing it with us first, and take plenty of photographs of the damage to use as evidence in your claim. Try and retain all damaged items in the event of an inspection.

Never put yourself or your staff’s health and safety at risk for the sake of a clean-up. If necessary, hire professionals to help clear up after a flood and don’t use any gas or electrical equipment unless it has been inspected by an approved Gas Safe Registered engineer or electrical contractor. It is easy to worry about the costs in the event of a claim but it is essential that you put your staff and yourself first.[/showhide]

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So we’ve been through how to minimise damage in case the worst happens. But if the worst does happen, have you made sure your insurance policy will cover you? Consider business interruption insurance to help keep your business afloat while repairs are being carried out. It’s a vital element of your policy that could make or break your business if you had to cease running temporarily.

Have you also considered seasonal increases on your stock? It would be a good idea to do a review of your business and the worse case scenario.[/showhide]

Check your policy with us

With the weather gradually getting worse as we head into winter, there’s no better time to check with us and make sure your policy covers everything you need it to. We can also discuss other options for Flood Excess Insurance.


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