Business Contingency – Are you Ready?


If we look at the press we could be confused regarding the conflicting reports about the Coronavirus, only time will tell if this global killer is less of a risk or are we expecting a third wave.

Looking at the reports in Europe today where parts of Austria have gone into lockdown again and Germany are said to be heading for more infected than the first 2 waves together, does the future hold in the UK.

For further information please look at the NHS website regarding Coronavirus

As a business owner what is clear is the gestation period of the disease and the potential effect this has on your business by way of either you, your employees, the suppliers and or your customers.

It’s time to dust off your Business Continuity Plan again and be prepared to Take action. If you have not got a BCP, then I’d recommend you start writing one as we have all learnt the need for a plan B,C or D during the last 2 years.

You should not wait for a crisis to develop again before you think about developing a crisis plan. Bad news travels fast on today’s social media platforms and businesses must be prepared to react quickly.

You should consider the impact on staff shortages through potential illness, and the need for self-isolated quarantine after the discovery of symptoms.

Fit staff may need to be prepared to cover for unwell co-workers and be on standby for extra rotas.

The lack of consumer confidence in going to public places is at an all time low and a winter with Covid for the third time could affect your financial position, and it’s worth considering that your supply chain may also be impacted.

Hopefully, these measures might never be required, but be prepared in case they are. Have you done your homework do you have a plan in place?

Many measures rely on personal responsibility when it comes to hygiene. Ensure that your staff know the routes of transmission and train them in the practical preventative steps. Taking the appropriate measures means assuming that the virus is around and taking action.

Do you need help with your Business Continuity Plan? There is a number of free information out there which we would suggest you look at the various options, having reviewed the market I personally like the information provided by

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